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Jamb Hooks

Jamb hooks are fastened on the mantle sides. The jamb hooks hold fireplace tools upright at the ready. People often say "put the fireplace tools in the jamb hooks" and think you actually jamb them into the brass hooks attached to the mantle, hence that's why they're called jamb hooks. This isn't accurate, the word "jamb" in this case means window, door or mantle sides.

The earliest jamb hooks were made of wrought iron with a sharp point to drive into the mantle jamb or upright side stile. Jamb hooks using cast brass were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Various back plates styles ranged from oval, scalloped, round or square. Most jamb hooks were made in pairs but a few oversized singles (for holding two tools upright) were made. The plain C-hook was most common, but a few of the more sophisticated jamb hooks had motifs that matched fire tools or andirons. Some even had ingenious mounting brackets that allowed the hooks to be removed for easy polishing.

Below are just a few items from our always evolving inventory. Feel free to contact us about any of these, or if there's something in particular you need that we can help you locate.

  • Date: Circa 1830 Item Number: JAMBHOOK02 Type: The Best Classical
  • Date: Circa 1800 Item Number: JAMBHOOK03 Type: Typical C-Hook
  • Date: Circa 1800 Item Number: JAMBHOOK05 Type: Turned Back C-Hook
  • Date: Circa 1790 Item Number: JAMBHOOK-15
  • Date: Circa 1880 Bell Metal Item Number: JAMBHOOK-16
  • Date: Circa 1800 double Item Number: JAMBHOOK-17
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