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Tool Holders

Tool holders are very handy implements like jamb hooks for holding fireplace tools upright; but with the advantage of moving your fireplace tools anywhere on the hearthstone to tend the fire.

Early tool holders used in colonial America were made from Philadelphia to Boston and they are among the rarest of fireplace items. Most had a heavy white marble base (black and gold was sometimes used as well) with indentations to rest the fireplace tools in and keep them from sliding. They often had a brass top knob similar in motif to the andirons and fire tools. The top knob and marble base were held together by a threaded iron rod, holding decorative brass spacers on it, terminated with a C-hook top to hold the tools upright. There were a few early examples made of brass and iron, with the majority of tool holders being Victorian and made in England.

Below are some of the tool holders we have on hand, but if there's something in particular you're looking for, contact us and see if we can help you find the right one for you.

  • Date: Circa 1900 Item Number: HOLD03 Dimensions: 10 ½"W X 32"H
  • Date: Circa 1830 Item Number: HOLD06 Dimensions: 8 ½"W X 36"H (adj.)
  • Date: Circa 1850 Item Number: HOLD07 Dimensions: 9"W X 31 ½"H
  • Date: Circa 1880 Item Number: HOLD08 Dimensions: 10"W X 31 ½"H
  • Date: Circa 1850 Item Number: HOLD09 Dimensions: 8"W X 35"H
  • Date: Circa 1830 Item Number:HOLD10 Dimensions: 9 ½"W x 32"H
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