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Coal Hods

A coal hod is a pail/receptacle for carrying and holding coal or small pieces of wood, and storing that near the fireplace. Coal hods are also used today to safely store your spent wood ashes when your fireplace box is cleaned. The shapes of coal hods varied but most were cylindrical with a open or hinged tops.

From the mid 19th century, brass and copper was freqently used to construct the traditional cylindrical and box forms as well as many variations of the round helmet shaped hods. These had metal handles that pivoted or stationary wooden and metal ones. The early versions of these hods were made of iron or tole with elaborate designs, usually on the front. The designs ranged from pin striped japanned finishes to hand painted floral and landscape scenes. Animal paintings were especially popular, with dog and cats often used.

Today, these coal hods are often used to store magazines or flowers as a purely decorative piece to further complement the appearance of a fireplace. Why not have a look at some of the styles we have on hand, and see if one strikes your fancy. We have many more than are pictured here, as well as being able to locate the one you're looking for. Get in touch with us, and allow us to help complete the look of your fireplace.

  • Date: Circa 1860-1880 Item Number: COALHOD15
  • Date: c.1850-70 Planter28
  • Date: Circa 1860-1880 Item Number: COALHOD18
  • Date: Circa 1860-1880 Item Number: COALHOD20
  • Date: Circa 1850 Item Number: COALHOD21
  • Date: Circa 1850 Item Number: COALHOD22
  • Date: c.1860 Item Coalhod23
  • Date: c.1840-60 Coalhod24
  • Date: c. 1860 Coalhod25
  • Date: c. 1850 Coalhod26
  • Date: c.1850 Coalhod27
  • Date: Circa 1880 Item Number: LH01
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