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The fireplace has been said to be the heart of the home, a place to relax in style and comfort on cool days or nights; it's the centerpiece of the room. Now you need the perfect accessories to match the period of your house or your favorite decorating time in history. Where do you look when you need a hard to find pair of period fireplace tools to match your antique andirons? How about a hearth footman, coal hod, or a pair of jamb hooks to complete your fireplace? You've come to the right place; we have what you need!

Pictured on our Antique Andirons website is a small fraction of our large and varied inventory; we can help you find the exact item(s) you need to complete your decorating dream in timeless elegance. Our andirons are professionally polished to a glowing shine (we offer expert polishing services for all fireplace equipment) while leaving the vestiges of centuries of use intact. Our andirons are never lacquered, and will acquire a satin sheen over time.

Over the past ten years gas modified fireplace treatments have become popular and very realistic, and our antique andirons easily blend with these treatments by positioning their ceramic log holders on the billet bars of the antique andirons. Assorted crushed ceramic chips form a glowing mound around the billet bars that is both realistic and beautiful when the ceramic logs are turned on. We offer plating services for these traditional fireplace fixtures, and the chrome or silver like finish blends incredibly well with today's modern decor. is America's leading dealer in 18th and 19th century fireplace equipment, and since 1974, James Gallagher has furnished museums, historic restorations and private homes with a variety of antique fireplace andirons, tools, and equipment, spanning styles and eras. We can help you with whatever you need to suit your home decor and/or simply express your design taste.

Why not get in touch with us today to find that perfect complement to your fireplace, and allow us to provide you with the finest service and items possible. We're here for you.

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